English Pronunciation Training
English Pronunciation Training

English Pronunciation Courses

  • Make your accent closer to Standard British (RP)
  • Say the sounds of English correctly
  • Use natural rhythm and melody
  • Understand spelling and pronunciation
  • Communicate your meaning and ideas
  • Improve your public speaking and presentations
  • Prepare an interview or exam


8 Hour Package - £360

  • 8 x 60 minute lessons
  • Private class designed just for you
  • Focus on your problem areas for fast results
  • Intensive practice with feedback
  • Includes training materials and exercises for self-study

Pay Per Hour - £50

  • The flexible option

What does the course include?

We will work together to find out what you need, but it can include:

  • the 44 sounds of British English
  • word and sentence stress
  • phrasing and intonation
  • breathing and voice production
  • tone and expression
  • vocabulary and grammar
  • public speaking techniques

Free First Meeting

We can have a 20-minute chat to get to know each other, check your pronunciation, find out what you need and discuss your training options.


There's no obligation to book any lessons if you decide it's not for you.

Lessons Anywhere

  • Worldwide by Skype
  • In person in Brighton & Hove, UK

'I appreciate the help I get from you - and of course your patience. You're an excellent English teacher' - Massimo (Switzerland)


‘I am very glad about [my son's] progress. Certainly your lessons help him a lot. Besides the training of correct speech he also starts to pay some attention to his speech and become more self-confident.’ - Arina (Russia)


‘Ric is a friendly, patient and experienced teacher. Thank you for the great lesson.’ - Petra