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Ric Morris - British Accent Coaching

Ric Morris

When I was a child, I was the shyest person in my class. Speaking in front of other people was terrifying, and I successfully avoided it most of the time.

As a young adult, I gradually exposed myself to greater challenges. Training to be an English langauge teacher got me used to speaking to a room full of people every day. Training to be a tour guide gave me confidence in presenting complex information in exposed and unpredictable situations. Learning improvised comedy helped break down my inhibitions, increase my range of expression and understand the workings of human interaction.

These days, I love an audience. I enjoy giving public talks, lectures and guided tours. I regularly stand on a comedy stage, with no script or plan, and make an audience laugh. All this experience  informs the way I train people to be more effective speakers.


As a teacher, I gained a Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language in 2000, and a Masters in English Language Teaching in 2007 (Distinction). For the last 20 years I have taught English in language schools, businesses and universities, as well as individually. I was an Associate Lecturer at the University of Surrey 2007-2016, helping students with their written and spoken language.


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‘I appreciate the help I get from you – and of course your patience. You’re an excellent English teacher.’ – Massimo


‘I am very glad about [my son's] progress. Certainly your lessons help him a lot. Besides the training of correct speech he also starts to pay some attention to his speech and become more self-confident.’ -Arina


‘Ric is a friendly, patient and experienced teacher. Thank you for the great lesson.’ – Petra

'I learned things nobody has explained before'


'A friendly, patient and experienced teacher.'


'I learned more in 2 hours than many years in school.'


'Now I know why sometimes people don't understand me'

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